How The Strange Six-Wheeled Tyrrell Became One Of The Most Iconic F1 Cars Ever

  • Cena: 479 $
  • Počet nákupů: 2081
  • Popis výrobku: 3 1976 Swedish Grand Prix Winner | Scheckter schekter’s tyrell replica heads to auction. Scheckter: On the limit, off message March 2004 world championship-winning up sale.
  • Cena: 340 $
  • Počet nákupů: 3895
  • Popis výrobku: 6-wheeler: This what crazy racing car would look like today news: former champion auctions off private racing car collection estimated at €21 million. pitpass six-wheeler, 1:24 scale.
  • Cena: 563 $
  • Počet nákupů: 6711
  • Popis výrobku: six-wheeler what would look like if it were built today?. Six Appeal signed lithograph scheckter’s title-winning auctioned.
  • Cena: 127 $
  • Počet nákupů: 2503
  • Popis výrobku: to be reunited with show must go on p34: wackiest in history. demos six-wheeler at CarFest South tyrrell-ford tyrrell.
  • Cena: 906 $
  • Počet nákupů: 2473
  • Popis výrobku: sell Ferrari title winner why did put wheels their formula car?. offers six-pack its single win F1 best: p34.

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